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    Default Can Lawyer Keep Charging After He is Fired

    My question relates to legal practice in the state of: CA

    I fired my attorney four years ago. He continued to charge me for work I never agreed to. Mainly, he charged for the time he spent trying to collect more money from me, like a motion for my ex to pay my fee that he charged me for copying my files, etc., which I know to be improper. The statute of limitations is four years, and it has run out if you count from his firing. If you count the charges he posted after he was fired, he has a month left. Is it acceptable that he charge me for work after he was formally fired, especially when i did not consent and it was not on my behalf? His motion which he is charging me for was thrown out by the judge, because she could see that his billing was suspicious, including charges for items not allowed, double billing, etc.

    Is the Statute of limitations from when I fired him or from when he finally stopped padding the charges? I fired him for other illegal activity like credit card fraud and also for messing up my case by submitting incorrect information. He should really be disbarred. He sent me a notice of arbitration, but I don't know if I should file because it has been so long. If he sues for the few thousand dollars he wants, he is opening himself up to a much bigger counter suit, but then again the statute of limitations may be over. Is it?

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    Default Re: Can Lawyer Keep Charging After He is Fired

    You just told us that he took you to court and the judge denied him the fees he was claiming, so why is this still an issue?

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