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    Default Complications After Termination of Pregnancy

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: Kentucky.

    Hello all. 17 Days ago my fiancÚ had a termination of pregnancy procedure, this was a late termination (she was 23 weeks pregnant). 3 Day before the procedure we found out that the baby had a major developmental abnormality that was very severe and more than likely would result in a still birth. My fiancÚ went to her appointment and left the office feeling fine. Yesterday we were out for lunch, and she fell to the floor with SEVERE stomach pains - she was shaking to the point that she was hyperventilating and the employees called an ambulance. We get to the the hospital and her blood pressure was dropping to dangerous levels, her temperature peaked at 104 degrees, her vitals then became so bad that they transferred her to the hospital in the next city to go to the intensive care unit. At this point the doctors are comparing her symptoms to sepsis. After a number of tests and over 10 hours in the hospital they perform a cat scan of her stomach. The doctor returns back to the room and informs us that the cat scan reviled that there was something left inside of the uterus. The doctors then had to perform a d&c to remove whatever it is that was left inside of her. As it turns out, the doctor that performed the termination of pregnancy left a rather large chunk of skull, from the baby's head(i know, this is really messed up...) and that was the root cause of infection.

    My question is: How common does something like this happen? Is it normal for doctors to leave things behind like this? They admitted my fiancÚ and told us she needs to stay for 2 or 3 days so they can monitor the infection and make sure her blood pressure stays at a safe level. As you can imagine bills are starting to pile up, I would estimate when this is all said and done we are looking at a bill in the 15,000-19,000$ range(which we obviously cannot afford, and I am not sure if her state issued medicaid that was given to her for her pregnancy will cover this)

    I would really appreciate any information anybody can give me. Thank you so much for taking your time to read my post.

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    Default Re: Looking for Information

    I'm sorry I can't help with your question, but I can tell you that an admission to the hospital, a CT scan and any related X-rays and blood work - are well beyond your guesstimate of $15 to $19,000.
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    Default Re: Looking for Information

    After an abortion, the doctor must inspect these remains to make sure that all the fetal parts and placenta have been removed. Any tissue left inside the uterus may cause infection. It is the doctor's job. In other words, he is required to do it. Did he forget to check? Or did he just not check at all?

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