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    Default Getting Drug Possession Charges Off of Your Record to Join the Military

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Virginia

    Basically I was charged with possession of marijuana about 2 years ago. I started going through the process of first offender where I had to do community service and go to AA meetings. I did over 50 hours of community service through Habitat for Humanity (a project with my University) but it was not accepted by the courts because it wasn't one of their 3 places to do community service. So I started doing hours at the food bank they told me to. During that time I was then told I needed to go to AA meetings because of my charges, I was a student in school and could not attend the 8+ hours of meetings a week they wanted me to. I decided not to do it, focus on school, and accept the charges (all while paying court fines). Now, I am trying to enlist in the military. I have always wanted to, my best friends and father are all in the military and it is something I feel I will regret not doing 5 years from now. I was informed today that because I have a possession charge on my record, I am not eligible to join the service and there was nothing they could do for me. I am clean now and have no desire to smoke again. I want nothing more than to join the service. Is there any way to get the possession off my record now, so I may actually have a chance at enlisting? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Getting Drug Possession Charges Off of Your Record to Join the Military

    It doesn't matter if you get it expunged or not, the military will still see it. If you spoke to a recruiter and they informed you that it was a no-go, you should begin exploring other avenues of employment.

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