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    Hi, I live in Ohio, and I have a few questions about child support and visitation. Recently, my teenage son decided that he wanted to live with his father. I know for a fact that it wasn't all his idea. His father and step mother told him lies about me and made him think that I'm the bad guy. But I guess that's neither here nor there. My question is, how is child support figured if 2 of our kids live with me, and 1 lives with the father? Also, what is the standard for visitation? Currently, my kids go to their father's house 3 days a week and every other weekend. Is this pretty much the standard for Ohio? I know worry about my kids going to their father's house. I worry that their father and step mother will tell them lies about me and try to get them to live with them. Their father and step mother send home notes wanting the kids this day and that day, and want to pick the kids up from school and take them directly to their house. I worry that telling them no will make them do something worse than just letting them have what they want. Isn't it true that you are in contempt of court if you move and don't notify the other party or the court of your new phone # and address? And also, the kids have insurance through their father, and I know for a fact that their insurance has changed. And their father has not given me a new insurance card. It states in the divorce paper that I am supposed to get current insurance cards and information. So aren't they in contempt about that also? Plus, it says that neither party is supposed to talk about the other in front of the children. And they purposely told my son lies about me to make him dislike me. I know that they talk about me because more than 1 child has told me. I didn't intend to ramble on about all of this. I am just looking for some advice because I am tired of dealing with their crap. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Child Support and Visitation

    Here's information on how the Ohio Child Support Guidelines accommodate second families.

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    I completely sympathize I am going through a similar situation. I am in Oklahoma so laws could be a bit different but...To my knowledge he IS in contempt of court in more ways than one as is my ex-husband. You will need to contact a lawyer to file contempt of court charges or the district attorney, fax, mail, or make an appointment to see them. Contact your district child support enforcement office with your story and keep in contact with them on everything going on with your case, they tend to put you asside if you do not continuously remind them your alive. My ex-husband had no contact with our youngest son who lives with me for a year and out of no where charged me with contempt for not allowing him to visit. $1500 and a year later, he has managed to move to a different state with our oldest son without giving me notice in writing and is currently $17,000 behind on child support. The contempt charge still hanging over my head even though neither one of us can no longer afford to pay our attorneys. I put up a big enough fuss to child support enforcemnet, they now call him to court every few months to check whether hes still paying. We have been divorced since 1998, its been a constant battle. He and my parents say bad things about me to the kids and if I had the money I would take them allll to court!!

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