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    Default What Legal Minimum Amount You Can Pay (if There is One)

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Virginia

    Hello there,

    I have a handful of medical bills that run in the hundreds, and I've been able to get by sometimes by paying as low as $5 a bill per month. I know that sounds petty, but I'm attempting to finish paying off some large credit card debt in order to put more toward paying off these medical bills quicker. And then today, while I was going through them all and calling the hospitals to put down my payments, one particular clerk at the hospital said that $10 wasn't going to cut it (which was what I was offering to pay today). She said the least they can take is $25. Granted... they have taken as low as $5 before in the past, and now suddenly I have a minimum requirement to meet?

    A friend told me that according to Virginia law, as long as you are giving them SOMETHING, then they have no legal right to bind you to a minimum payment. I am all about working with people, but times are tough, and I was wondering if there really is a law (and under what code section can I find it in) in Virginia that states somewhere that as long as they are getting their money, it won't go into collections? That way, I will have a foot to stand on in case I cannot pay $25 on a particular month.

    I attempted to search through the forums to see if this question was asked before, and I couldn't seem to find anything. I would really appreciate any help, thank you.


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    Default Re: What Legal Minimum Amount You Can Pay (if There is One)

    The hospital/doctor does not have to accept any payment except payment in full for services rendered. If they are working with you to pay the bill that is their perogative to do so, but they are not compelled by any law to accept partial payments. Do you think that McDonalds will let you pay for a happy meanl one penny at a time?

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    Default Re: What Legal Minimum Amount You Can Pay (if There is One)

    then they have no legal right to bind you to a minimum payment.
    well, you are sort of correct. They cannot bind you to a minimum payment but the fact is, they do not have to accept payments other than payment in full unless you have a contract stating they have agreed to accept less than payment in full.

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