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    Default Bank is Asking for Tax Returns and 4506-T, I Just Filed 1040x -- What Do I Give Them

    I'm in the process of applying for a HELOC. The bank requires past tax returns and a form 4506-T. I just filed a 1040X a few weeks ago, so I'm not sure what to provide the bank. They are obviously expecting my returns to match what they receive from the 4506-T, but since 1040Xs takes 8-12 weeks to process I'm wondering if I should only give the bank what the IRS already has on file while the 1040X is still in limbo. The timing really sucks, but I can't wait 8-12 weeks to get my HELOC. HELP!

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    Default Re: Bank is Asking for Tax Returns and 4506-T, I Just Filed 1040x -- What Do I Give T

    You give them what you've filed with the IRS, which is your original 1040 plus your 1040X. They are not stupid, they can read the date on your 1040X. Otherwise, you're potentially committing fraud if you don't discolose the complete picture.

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