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    Default How to Take Care of Felony Warrants

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Oklahoma

    Hello, first time poster here.

    I received 2 felony warrants out of Oklahoma about 11 years ago. These 2 warrants were for burglary in the 2nd degree and selling a stolen item to a pawn shop. Soon after these warrants were issued I received a misdemeanor charge in Nevada, where I was living at the time. When I was arrested in Nevada, I was held for extradition for Oklahoma. Oklahoma didn't come and my lawyer at the time stated that I shouldn't go back to Oklahoma until I was ready to take care of these charges. After I received the misdemeanor charge in Nevada I changed my life. At the time I was into a lot of drugs, couldn't hold a job, drank like a fish, and smoked a pack a day.
    I have since then, run more than 10 marathons, completed 2 Ironman's, and have recently completed a CIS degree from a college in Atlanta.
    It is time to take care of these charges.
    I have saved some money to hire a lawyer as I know that proper representation is really going to cost me an arm and a leg.

    My questions are:

    I am a home owner, I have a job, I have pets, I live alone. Do I quit my job? Find someone to take care of my pets and bills for an unforeseen amount of time?
    It looks like Oklahoma has a surrender release program, before surrendering; do I need to find a place to live?
    I don't have any felonies on my record, IF I am placed on probation, will that transfer? Or am I stuck on the streets in Oklahoma?
    How do I go about finding a GOOD lawyer?

    These are all questions that I know a lawyer would be able to answer; however, some of these are going to take some time to accomplish. If I knew some of these answers, it would sure help a TON in planning my surrender.

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    Default Re: How to Take Care of Felony Warrants

    First thing I would do is contact an attorney who has familiarity with law in Ok. You are going to have to arrange for your surrender to the warrants. They don't go away without your surrender. You can call the clerks office in the county or counties that have the warrants on you. Ok may have bail bondsmen that can arrange for your release until these issues are taken care of. If you are placed on probation, you have established residency, employment, family etc... in another state that can really facilitate a transfer through thee interstate compact. My office will set your transfer in motion as soon as your case is dispoosed of if there is verifaction of your out of state residency on file. We will give you report by mail forms to take back with you until you receive your reporting instructions from the receiving state.

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