My question involves a marriage in the state of:california

My new husband has been divorced for six years after a 20 year marriage. He has been paying alimony and child support until the child reached maturation three years ago.

When they were divorced, the court required him to pay for her to go to school, which he did. She is now fully employed, as is their son. My husband, on the other hand, because of an injury as yet unsettled with his previous employer, is earning half the income (or less!) than when they were married. Regardless of this, she is constantly tormenting him, refused to pay her half of the marital debt, and is continually trying to modify the support order for additional monies. As of the most recent court date, the court refused to lower his current support order because after the injury he missed four months of support (when he had absolutely no income). She recently filed a motion for additional support because she was undergoing surgery. (She has insurance and disability for the injury).

He works seven days a week and his ex-wife takes nearly two-thirds of his earnings. The judge even asked them to "sit and talk together" to try to resolve this, but she said "I understand you've been injured, and you don't make as much money, but I hate you and you're going to pay every penny."

Her most recent motion detailed a "settlement he was due to receive from his former employer" but that is not factual or accurate - there are no settlements pending; he doesn't even have a court date for that.

Sorry for the length, but does he have any relief? We certainly can't afford a lawyer.