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    Question Disciplined in Front of Co-Workers

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Ca

    I was given a letter of reprimand and my evaluation in front of 2 Co workers in my job. I didn't know they were there until I turned around because my back was to them. prior to our conversation My program manger instructed them to remove the students lunches and lock the doors so staff couldn't enter the area that we were in so I assumed they were also leaving but when the evaluation was over and I turned around they were both there. I WAS HUMILIATED. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY. here is a summary of what happened leading to this

    i walked in sat down and was told i would be given a reprimand for the use of my cell phone during class time . I was quite surprised but admit i did use the ph , I have never been spoken to or warned about cell use previously so a written reprimand seemed a bit harsh , i admitted to ms s. i did use the ph to text a fellow co-worker at another site , this is someone who i have known for 15 yrs and felt comfortable addressing the issue i needed to discuss . it was regarding the care of a child i had previously worked with for 2 yrs that was at the school , basically i was told by a freind and sub teacher that on the previous day a young girl in the class was left to sit in her urine all day , when the sub teacher insisted on getting clothing from another class or school she was told No her parents need to bring in clothing , so this girl (who is special needs and deaf) sat in her urine all day , they didnt even put a pull up on her . that disturbed me so much that i though of going to ms S but instead knowing this person that worked directly with her i would let him know what was seen and that its not ok , i felt comfortable talking to him and never imagined this neg result , i was extremley disturbed to know that anyone could allow such a thing to happen . resonded to my text at 1st not realizing it was me , then after i said it was myself engaged in a conversation that ended up going into my class time . I totally admit fault there but though i was protecting the student . after trying to explain this to ms s , she told me i interfered with another classroom and i should have come to her 1st . which i did consider but then knowing the person in the class decided to address it with him .

    after recieving this reprimand that stunned me , (and by the way this was done in front of the 2 school secrateries) . I was again stunned to have my evaluation layed out on the desk . I have never had an evaluation in feb and this is def a result of the issue with the texting which is extremley un fair. I went over the evaluation and was extremley disturbed to see the following checked off .

    Negative or hostile attitude
    displayed; dissatisfaction with, or
    open dislike for job apparent

    and also this

    Willing to help coworkers only if

    those two things are the furthest things from the truth and i am deeply offended by them , Ms s has been in our class approx 6-10 times in 106 days of school this year eachtime coming in for less than 5 min and usually to discuss a behavior issue with the class teacher , I have been in this class and worked with the teacher and other aide since day 1 we are great team , i am never late , treat the kids like my own and absolutely love my job , anyone that knows me knows this . after reading the remarks listed above i asked my immediate teacher if Ms s spoke to her about my class preformance and her response was NO , so those 2 remarks were based off of this issue of the text conversation i had , had that not happened there was absolutley nothing i have done except give 100 % to this classroom , i treat these kids with love and all i have to give , i am absolutley sickened that anyone could put those remarks down without having facts . if Ms S asked Mrs S (my imm supervisor) how my job preformance was it would have been absolutley a team player , never late , and i always do whats needed to make the class run smooth . . I am stunned by the fact this evaluation is based on my conversation with a fellow wworker and what i thought was a friend , they should be based on my classroom preformance and I believe my teacher should have been consulted . I was completely humiliated in front of the 2 secretaries present , confidentiality was not used , the school has been under construction so the 3 desks are in a large public area , hence them locking out the other staff , but they too should have been asked to leave or i brought to a private area to discuss these issues

    I am so sorry for all the rambling but i am super upset .

    one last thing at the end of all this conversation i asked ms s if she would like to here what i had discussed with the co worker regarding the young girl , she said no , that if i wasnt present i didnt have the facts , i then offered her the teacher that subbed name and again she said No . I asked her again so if i hear of a situation involving a student that could be harmful or unhealthy i shouldnt tell her unless i am there and see it she said thats right . I believe that contradicts what she said in the beginning of our convrsation that i should have come to her 1st , I believe its our duty to protect these kids and find management just cares about how they look , also in the reprimand she started it by saying the texts i sent were unwanted . i have conv with this individual on facebook and have talked with him on diff occasions about issues outside of work , covering his butt he said i havent spoken with him in 3 yrs thats a total LIE and i have the proof

    thank you again looking forward to a response

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    Default Re: Evaluation , Confidentiality and Discipline in Front of 2 Co Workers

    You do not have a right to privacy, in this instance. You do have a right to get a new job, if you don't like your boss. If you feel there is child abuse/disabled abuse being committed, report it to the appropriate govt agencies.

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    Default Re: Disciplined in Front of Co-Workers

    I agree that it would have been more professional to take you aside and deliver your reprimand privately. However, it was not illegal or a violation of any legally protected right that they didn't. Most people are very surprised to learn that they have very little right to privacy in the workplace, beyond the right not to have cameras in the restroom or changing room.

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    Default Re: Disciplined in Front of Co-Workers

    That was a long post though I don't think I saw a specific question(s). However; I don't see anything illegal done by your employer based on what you posted & you don't have to be disciplined in private (unprofessional though not to do so).

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