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    Default Stent Left in Place for Too Long

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: il

    I was wondering if i have a case worth pursuing. What i have is a ongoing issue with my uritor tube due to a stent placement that has been in place to long and became incrusted over. Its been in place for six months and should have came out in acouple weeks. The reason i had one in the first place is from kidney stones. It needed to be lasered out during the process there was damage done to my uritor tube. I understand things like that happen, but my complaint is the amount of time its been in there. I have read up on this subject and a stent really should be replaced about every two weeks , but can last up to four months. Anyway after trying to get rescheduled for a removal i called and told the nurse what i read and stressed concern about the amount of time ,she told me i should quit reading.Anyway after six months of trying to get this removed working around the doctors schedule due to other paitients,vacation time and holidays. Sure enough it was encrusted (stuck) turned into a four hour surgery to get out and recut my uritor tube again, and put another one in. This time they were going to take out in two weeks that turned into nine weeks. Again i stressed concern agin about time especially because this time was going to be a simple removal when you are not put under and i was told it will be fine! (WRONG) it got stuck again and i was awake he was pulling it felt like kidneys were on the end of a fishing pole. The thing you dont need to hear during that from your DR. is oh no its stuck,i may need to put you under. The nurses face was turning pale. He told me to hang on he's going to try to put it back up. (he did ) He told me we need to get this done this weekend but unfourtantly im off,let me see who is on call this weekend . As he went to go find out the nurse told me she wanted to hold my hand but she thought i would have broke it. So he came back in and of coarse there was no body on call, so he will send me home for the weekend with pain meds and we will take care of it that following thursday. Hers the kicker, he didnt call in my pain meds! So guess what? I ended back in the E.R due to severe pain. So come thursday we went back in surgery to get removed and had to put another one in again. Have another procedure to get this one pulled but he is going to put me under this time. While this time while he is in there if it looks ok they wont put one in,but if the damage looks like its not healing which he said there is about a 90% chance it wont that we will put another one in and have to do a robotic assisted surgery with in a four to five week period. So i dont know let me just remind all of you you were not even working on kidney stones anymore and all this probably could have been prevented if that stent was pulled out in a timely manner.

    Thanks everybody for your time and advice.

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    Default Re: Stent Left in Place for Too Long

    From what you have written, you are speculating both as to whether there was a violation of the standard of care and as to whether you suffered an injury as the result of any such violation, as opposed to being in a situation where the doctor make choices within the standard of care that may or may not have affected your outcome. It's possible that a doctor would choose one approach over another, for valid medical reasons, because he believes that the approach will prevent a more serious consequence - even if there are other consequences to the approach he recommends to the patient.

    Have any doctors advised a different approach? (And if so, why did you stick with your present doctor and his approach rather than switching doctors?) Other than the episode of pain and the need for anesthesia to replace the stent, what injury have you suffered to date?

    Realistically speaking, if you want to know if there's a viable malpractice case, you should take your medical records to a malpractice lawyer for review.

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    Default Re: Stent Left in Place for Too Long

    Thank you for your response. To answer your question about another doctors advise is that im kinda stuck were im at for the time being seeing that i need to atleast get this stent removed. However I will have time to see another doctor after this weeks results, this week I go in and get this stent removed. Now during this removal they should know if it looks like its going to heal ok or i need to get the reconstructive surgery done. If i need to get reconstructive surgery done I will have about four weeks to get a appointment and i could get another opinion. I guess the whole thing is that i feel like all these added stents and the possibility of reconstructive surgery could have been avoided if that one stent was not left in for six months. Im just going off of what i read about on stents and how long they last and i asked the question. The longest time a stent is good for and what i was told from there office was four months. This is somthing that i would not want to pursue if this weeks results are ok , but if i need to get the reconstructive surgery done i feel something should be done. As far as getting my medical records go , i dont know how to go about getting them,this is all new to me. I did email a few local lawyers in my area, but i have got no response from anyone yet.

    Thanks again for your time

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    Default Re: Stent Left in Place for Too Long

    The first thing you need to do is to get a second opinion with a Board Certified Urologist with excellent credentials who has expertise in reconstructive surgery. Make an appointment for the second opinion and fill out a medical records release form with your current doctor and instruct your current doctor to send a copy of your medical records to your second doctor directly.

    Ask how long it will take to get the records sent and then follow up with phone calls to make sure the records get sent on time for your appointment. If there appears to be a delay in getting your records sent, go to your first doctor's office in person and ask for a copy of your records on the spot. Tell them you will wait in the waiting room for the copy but that you have to have them for your appointment.

    Do that on Monday since it may take you a few days to a few weeks to get the appointment.

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    Default Re: Stent Left in Place for Too Long

    while coleu's advice is generally good (except for the waiting in the waiting room for your records if that office has a problem with it. Most offices are too busy to drop everything and copy your records on the spot), I have been told by several urologists that urologists in general are one of the worst groups of doctors when trying to find a replacement doctor or second opinion doctor. I don't know why but I was told (by more than one urologist) that the typical urologist will avoid being involved in another uro's work. (and the statement has been proven to be true in my experience). If true in your area, you may have a difficult time obtaining that second opinion, at least in a short period of time.

    I would start looking for a second opinion doctor asap if that is the route you wish to go. I know from experience it can take months to get an appointment with a new uro (at least in my area). If you need immediate treatment, you will likely be advised to return to your current uro.

    while you may have a different experience, I thought I would pass along some real world experience that might help you.

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    Default Re: Stent Left in Place for Too Long

    while coleu's advice is generally good (except for the waiting in the waiting room for your records if that office has a problem with it. Most offices are too busy to drop everything and copy your records on the spot).......
    in addition, there will probably be a fee, payable before copying/reviewing the medical record. Look up: IL ST CH 735 5/8-2006

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    Default Re: Stent Left in Place for Too Long

    Hmmm, looks like the moderator deleted a lot of useful posts for the OP. That is a shame since it could have helped him.

    There was wrong info, too, posted by jk and cbsomething or another.

    OP - make an appointment with a urologist at a teaching hospital pronto. Are you close to chicago? I recommend northwestern memorial hospital. Google it and if you have trouble, post back.

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