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    Default Breaking lease due to extreme circumstances

    I moved into an apt a few months ago, from the very beginning the neighbors downstairs (rumored to be Illegal Immigrants) have been BLASTING music from 9:30am-7pm, on weekends it goes later, but this is a DAILY occurance with NO BREAKS! It is loud enough to have my couch vibrate, you can feel the music on your feet, and I have hard time concentrating while on the phone or watching tv.
    At first I went downstairs and knocked on the door and asked her to politely turn it down, she said she didn't speak english, but with some hand gestures she finally understood and turned it down, it went back up 30 mins later. I then called a spanish speaking apt manager (there were none onsite) and complained, she called me back a few minutes later and replied "they said it's not loud" I informed her it definitely WAS and I want something done!
    She called them again, i heard the music go down and then blasted back up to an unbelievable level as a F-You gesture from the wonderful people downstairs. This has gone on and on for at least 4 months now, I have called both the off site managers and they seem very hesitant to do anything and just said they will talk to them. But yet it still goes on. Eventually they told me to just call the police because there's nothing they can do! I called the police, they took 4 HOURS to come out during the daytime (I live in L.A).
    After continous frustration, my nerves are RATTLED and I'm not exaggerating when I say I have suffered mental distress. Did I mention that these "people" have thrown trash in front of my door (and another neighbor who wrote them a letter to please be quiet, they ripped it up and threw at their door), there was a witness who saw them do it. I have also had mysterious trash all of a sudden in my parking spot. I am worried about my tires being slashed, I am single mother of one small child. I work from home and have to endure daily noise.
    After the trash incident, I was very angry and went downstairs to confront them, needless to say I said some not so nice words and slammed their door in their face. One of them had the nerve to call the police on ME and claimed I assulted her and her son! WHICH is NOT TRUE! The police didn't buy it either and said they wouldn't arrest me.
    I later found out from other neighbors these two sisters have a habit of calling the police on people, they've done it to two other neighbors and made up similar claims. They also have 5 kids and two men living in that 2 bedroom apartment (which probably isn't topic related, but I'm just venting!).
    I was told time and time again they were moving out and yet again, they are staying. My lease is until the end of September and after another day of coming home to loud noise and vibrating floors and yelling at my little daughter for no reason besides being irritated, I have decided I can't even stay the last month, because I am close to losing my mind. I am leaving in less than a week because I can't take anymore. I'm putting all my things in storage and going to visit a relative just to get a break.
    To people who don't live here, everyone tells me to just ignore it, I CAN'T!
    I want to sue the management company and wanted to know if I would have a case. I am strung out and upset. they have a large deposit of mine and I do not plan on paying Septembers rent because I am leaving soon.
    Please give me advice.
    Thankyou so much!

    P.S I also want to add that I along with all of my neighbors have suffered from a roach problem, which we have signed a petition for and unanswered repair requests. I have found out the management company is trying to sell this building. They do have exterminators come out but it's not enough.

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    Default Re: Breaking lease due to extreme circumstances

    Your lease is up in a month? It seems like a good time to move.

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