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    Default Is the Owner Allowed to Store Personal Property at Rental Home if Not in Lease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Oregon

    So the owner of this house is storing personal property in the attic of the property and when I found out the real estate company told me that it would be removed. The owner however states that she has no intentions of removing her personal items. What can I do?

    We were also told that the backdoor would be fixed and a window company came out and said that it could not be fixed but needed to be replaced. She then had a handyman come out and he said the same thing. Nothing still has been done and its been almost 6 moths.

    Finally I asked to have the furnace looked at since the heat bill was 425 dollars for one month and the house is just a 1500 sf three bedroom home. She does not want anyone to look at it and refused to pay and have is serviced.

    The home is currently in probate and I think its because she doesn't' have access to the money to fix anything. That is not really my problem though and if you rent a house you should be able to maintain the house.

    What are your comments regarding this?

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    Default Re: Is the Owner Allowed to Store Personal Property at Rental Home if Not in Lease

    What, if anything, is in the lease about the attic? How is this affecting you? Odds are your remedy is to move at the end of your lease term.

    What's wrong with the back door?

    What's wrong with the furnace? Your only basis for asserting a problem is the size of your heating bill? Does your bill include a comparison to past years?

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    Default Re: Is the Owner Allowed to Store Personal Property at Rental Home if Not in Lease

    There was nothing in the lease regarding her using the attic for storage of her personal property, and we were unaware that she was even storing items up there until we already moved into the house.

    The back door is falling apart, it is a sliding glass door and the door was put on backwards. The sliding portion is on the outside not on the inside; so you cant put a stick in the way at night. The part that makes it in need of being replaced is that the frame around the glass is coming undone and there is a large enough gap between the two pieces of glass that when you close the door you can fit a whole bath towel between them just to try and keep the air from coming out.

    The local electric company told me that the high cost of electric for this house could be if the furnace is not working properly and we should have it looked at. They do not have a comparison for the last year during winter because the home was vacant at the time.

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