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    Default How to Get Temporary Custody of My Cousins

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Washington

    Well, I currently live in a house with my mother, brother, and my two young cousins (12 and 5) and their mother, who is not related to me. The children's father is my first cousin. They moved from North Carolina to WA in Sept 2010, and things have been awful since then. The children's mother is an obese food obsessed neglectful person who has finally decided (after having gastric bypass) to move out, leaving the kids with me while she attends to her health. In November 2011, we went to DSHS and the kids were signed over to me, and I now get their benefits and am in charge of them in terms of health insurance and so forth. The children's father, my cousin, is living in North Carolina with his mother.

    I am unsure where to begin, and what to do. After searching online, it looks like I need to fill out form 3.0100 on and file that with the courts, for temporary custody. The main problem with the kids' mother "Angela" is that she is depressed and suffers from sleep apnea, so she won't cook, clean, or get the kids any food. She spends around 18 hours in her bedroom, and the other 6 hours of the day asleep in the chair in the living room. The idea is that she's moving out to be near her girlfriend, and that as she continues to lose weight she will presumably not suffer from sleep apnea, and then she'll be able to take care of the kids. I want to be able to make all decisions for the kids without having to call her or have her write notes to the school or hospital saying I have her permission to do these things.

    What do I need to do? We're assuming (Angela likes to make guesses and then call them facts) that all we have to do is file this form where I'll state that she's not capable of taking care of them right now, but am I supposed to put a date of how long this will last? We've decided on 6 months, as Angela thinks she'll be ok by then. The children's father was notified that the kids were in my care in December, and through DSHS, both parents will have to pay child support to me, but to be honest, Angela gets unreasonable, and she's moving out largely to be with her girlfriend, and my fear is that in a month's time, they could break up and Angela could show up demanding her kids, or worse, to move back in with us. Not until she's lost enough weight to not have sleep apnea, because she's depressed, unreasonable, argumentative and violent. March 2011, we argued and she threw a pot and hit me in the head...

    So she wants to sign over temp custody, but I want something that guarantees that she couldn't just show up and take the kids, because she's always used them as a weapon in our arguments. I want her to be healthy and ready to deal with them, because right now, occasionally she'll stop taking her depression meds and she'll just curse and scream at them all day, while refusing to even get up and get the 5 year old something to drink. She makes the older child take care of him if I'm downstairs. I just don't want her to be able to threaten to take the kids during this time period, because it's her first choice of argument.

    What do I do to get protection/control of the kids who live with me, as I do have non-parental custody of them with the state?

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    Default Re: Temporary Custody of Young Cousins

    What county are you in? If you're in King County, for example, for a modest fee you may be able to get help from the Family Law Facilitator Program, and they have a brochure on establishing a guardianship available for download here.

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    Default Re: Temporary Custody of Young Cousins

    I found this website before and then lost it, thanks so much! I am in King =]

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