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    Default Claim for Compensation by the At-Fault Driver's Insurance

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: CA

    In March of last year (2011) I was involved in an auto accident. I approached the intersection that turned green as I got there so I proceed when I got hit from the side from a man who practically took the red light. Now the police reported to the accident immediately and ran each of the drivers insurance and registrations. The police did not file a police report since there were no drugs or alcohol involved and no ambulance were needed. Now the man tried to claim that I was at fault and I was claiming that he was at fault. So there was no cameras, no witnesses, nothing it was practically my word against his word. After i reported the claim to my insurance they stated that I was actually an excluded driver and turned out to be this whole miscommunication between the insurance my vehicle was under and I. Now in December (2011) I received a letter from his insurance asking for me to pay for the other parties medical and property damages that added up to nearly 35k. I stated that I do not have to pay him for anything since he hit me. They sent it over to collections now I am receiving letters threatening me to pay or else my license will be suspended. I keep asking them for the evidence that they "CLAIM" to have but they just keep stating that the other parties insurance has me down at fault and since I was an uninsured driver I am responsible for the damages. Now I keep telling them that regardless of having insurance or not it does not prove that I was at fault, I also have a letter from the insurance company that my vehicle was under that states that I was the driver and was not at fault, that the driver of the other vehicle was at fault. I do not know what to do anymore, I keep contacting lawyers but no one wants to represent me and I am stuck in this situation.

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    Default Re: Legal Help

    If you were insured, why is your company not paying or defending you?

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    Default Re: Claim for Compensation by the At-Fault Driver's Insurance

    If your insurance company now agrees that you have coverage, turn the claim over to your insurance company.

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