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    Default Time Limit for Filing a Malpractice Case

    I have a question regarding the malpractice statutes in the state of Wisconsin. Suppose that a doctor prescribed the wrong medication for an epileptic patient. Because of this, the patient had multiple seizures in a short period of time, while being pregnant. A suit was not filed at the time. However, 15 years after the incident, the patient was informed that the doctor had a nervous breakdown and was not fit to be practicing medicine. I am aware that it is usually three years limit for a suit. But what if you got this piece of information of the doctor's condition in the past year? Does that give anymore time?

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    Default Doctor Unfit To Practice

    It is unlikely to make any difference, as it wouldn't affect the patient's ability to discover the malpractice. Further, Wisconsin has a five year statute of repose for malpractice for cases involving adult patients.

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