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    Default Do High School Students Have a Right to Take Their Final Exams

    one of my friend was suspended and she missed 2 final exams. This is high school in ohio. The school wouldn't allow her to make up her exams, and I've been helping her search for a law about that. So far, i've found a law in New York that states that all work missed because of a disciplinary action, the student have a right to make it up.

    I'm not sure if the law is the same in ohio? or if there is a federal law in the area of education?

    any help will be appriciated! We have spent hours searching the Ohio Revised Code.

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    Default Re: Does indiviuals have the right to take their final exams?

    Don't count on it. Kids who behave badly sometimes have to repeat their classes. I'm not going to search the Ohio code to try to find something I doubt is there - if you want to be sure, consult a local lawyer.

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    Default Re: Does indiviuals have the right to take their final exams?

    Verb subject agreement.
    This is your title: Does indiviuals have the right to take their final exams?
    What is wrong?
    Can you correct the errors?
    New Your laws do not apply to Ohio education law, perhaps your friend should have considered the consequences of their actions.

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    Default Re: Do students have a right to take their final exams?

    Do the crime, do the time.
    Even if there was litigation against this, the school is right. If you are suspended, as stated in the code (most likely) that all missed material is considered a "not excused"; thus the material cannot be made up. It is equivilent to skipping your finals - you get an F. If she was excused (legitimate illness) then it would be a diffrent story.

    Unless you want to call out the school, which is the govenment's policies I suggest you let it go.

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