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    Default Why Do Lawyers Turn Down Some Medical Malpractice Cases

    My question involves public health law in the State of: California

    Hi everyone, I just want to know how do the law about poor families complaining regarding medical malpractice? You see, my grandmother died 6 years ago because her doctor insisted on doing a surgical procedure to remove the cancer cells that has spread on both of her lungs. Knowing that my grandmother refused to undergo the said procedure because my Aunt specifically told her to wait for her and she'll be the one to talk to her doctor. But apparently the doctor insisted she badly needed the procedure. The procedure affected her health because we found out that with her condition, there is no way you can remove the cancer cells on her lungs without puncturing her ribs and other internal organs. To make the long story short, my grandma died because of complication. My Aunt contacted some lawyers to file a malpractice case against the Doctor, but the 3 lawyers turned down her case because she is dying and she has no money. Is it true that, if you're old, dying and have no money, lawyers won't be eager to take your case? even if it means that you are 100% chance of winning the case?

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    Default Re: Medical Malpractice

    Your grandmother agreed to the procedure. I'm sorry - but that's the bottom line.

    But even if that wasn't the case, the SOL has long since expired. Your Aunt's health has nothing to do with it.

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    Default Re: Medical Malpractice

    If there was a 100% chance of winning, I'm sure at least one of the three lawyers you met with would have been chomping at the bit to take the case.

    I'm very sorry for your loss.

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    Default Re: Medical Malpractice

    I am sorry for your loss also. Honestly though, surgeons don't go running around hospitals, with groups of orderlies, looking for people to operate on. Likely grandma was presented with 2 choices, surgery or die. She chose surgery. You would be surprised how many people sign at that time, because they feel they are not ready to die. She likely did not want your aunt to thwart the change of desire.

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    Default Re: Medical Malpractice

    Its been a while since she died and the memory of what happen still lingers.. I guess we cannot do anything anymore.. Thank you @Dogmatique and Lealea1005 for replying on my inquiry..

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