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    Default Slow Processing of an Uninsurance Claim

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: MI

    After being terminated for failing to punch out, (for the third time in 6 months), I was terminated from my employer. That day I filed for unemployment benefits. I completed all the paperwork, and completed all the nessecary steps to submit my claim to the state. After not hearing anything or any action being taken on behalf of the state at the end of the fourth week, I made a visit to the unemployment office. I was told my claim was being adjuticated and was pending further information from the employer, and that the process would take 6 to 8 weeks, so if I hadn't heard back by week 8, to follow up. By the end of week 8, I had heard nothing so I did follow up at the unemployment office. On that second visit, I was told that my claim had "apparently fallen through the cracks". And that no one had even touched my claim. The woman at the desk said she would notify her manager and ask him to rush the claim, and to come back again in two weeks to follow up. At the end of the two weeks, back in the unemployment office, I was told that my claim had been worked on, another agency rep may call me with additional questions, and that a decision would be made in the next 48 hours after that. That call for addtional info came the next morning, and the agency rep told me a decision would be made that day and my claim would fund immediately, or a letter of denial would be mailed. That last call was four business days ago from today. So I called into the toll free line of the unemployment agency to follow up once again today. The first phone call I made I was told that a decision had been reached, and a letter had been mailed out today, and that no one can talk to me about my claim or any decision until I get the letter. I hung and called back to see if I could get some information out of someone else, and second rep told me that another call had been placed to the employer for more information, and that they had 48 hours to respond or they would make a decision.
    UGH! I need help! Can anyone tell me whats going on? Does it sound like I'm just being denied? Is the Agency just giving me the runaround? Or are they still working on my claim? It's been 11 weeks, and I'm about to lose my car, and go delinquent on several bills, and no one can tell me whats going on after messing around for the past two months!


    Is it helpful at all to add the side note that a co-worker of mine at the same employer was terminated for the exact same reason, at the exact same spot in the disciplinary ladder as I. Yet filed for unemployment, and recieved his benefits right away.(?)

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