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    I live in PA and ex lives in Nebraska, divorce and custody were both ordered in NY. His wife does not like our children and has done everything in her power to be sure there is no communication between the children and thier father. Her newest trick was to change thier home phone number to an unlisted number. My children are furious. My son tried to call his father 2 weeks ago and found out the number was now unlisted. It was not changed because of me because in the 13 yrs we have been divorced I have called him MAYBE 5 times and each time was directly related to the childrens health. (ie: son being admitted to the hospital) Is there any recourse here?

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    A custody order often requires that a parent inform the court (or the other parent) of his or her current address and phone number. Check the order. If it's not there, your husband may wish to bring a motion for the court to compel her to provide a current phone number on an ongoing basis.

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    That's funny that you ask that because my husband and his ex-fiance went through the same thing. She would keep calling him every week on friday knowing that he had just gotten paid. And asked him if he had sent out his support yet and how much it was for. After her telling my husband that she has to have an address of where he lives and a phone number. We asked the courts about it. And the person we talked to told us that she was full of it. And that the only time either parents has to know one another's home address and phone number information is if there is custody brought up. And since there is no custody she does not need any of that. So we were allowed to change our home phone number. The only number she had to contact us was a cell phone number. And we told her and the judge told her that she was NOT to call about any support money any longer. And we live in Pennsylvania.

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