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    Default How to Evict a Roommate / Tenant in Florida

    A little over a month ago, I decided to rent one of my rooms out to a person who answered a roommate add I ran in my local newspaper. I am the homeowner. It took a little over a month to realize that I apparently ended up with a professional "squatter." I collected two weeks worth of rent ($200) as security deposit from him in the beginning. He has now quit paying rent. My understanding is that I need to give him a three-day written notice and if he fails to respond, file an eviction with the courts and wait for the judge to decide how much time he will give the squatter. Are there any helpful hints that would make this go smoother/quicker for me? Would it help expedite the process, for example, if I gathered information on this person's squatting history and submit it to the judge in a letter? Anything else I could do that would decrease my level of grief throughout this process?

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    Default Re: How to Evict a Rommate/Tenant "Squatter" in Orlando, Florida

    You are correct you must provide a written 3 day notice to leave the premises (3-business days) and tape it to his door, and hand a copy to him in person if possible. The reason would be for failure to pay rent, and any other violations of your agreement with him. If he does not correct the problem, then you will have to go to the court and file an eviction complaint, and attach a copy of your 3-day notice that you gave him with it. The 3-day notice needs to be filled out properly or he can have your case dismissed and you have to go through the process all over again.

    A faster way to get him out would only be an emergency order to vacate the premises due to damage, ect.

    It would be much easier to get him out by offering him his 200.00 back, and making him sign a document stating that he has accepetd the money in lieu of leaving at that point. Do not hand him the cash until he is out on the porch keys in your hand. "Then do not give him a damn dime." Let him sue you! I don't think he would. LOL Or you could actually give him the cash. He probly don't have any anyways.

    I have rented property for years... Threaten to throw his shi* out on the street when he is not there, tell him you don't give a shi* about the eviction law and he can just sue you after you have done it and tell him after all you can't be here all the time anyways'. Act like you don't give a crap about him or his rights'. Squatters are most scared of this more than anything, they get a feeling of having to watch their stuff and be there all the time. They usually pack up and leave within days, or even hours. Tell him its not like you have the money to sue me anyway's! you Can't even pay your rent. I don't give a shi* this must be your attitude.

    You could also, lie and get a protection order against him for a threat he made to you for handing him the 3 day notice in person. Call the police and get a protection order. If this is just a room in your home or apt. this would be very easy to do start an argument with him and then call the police, It's your home and they will make one of you go away if you make it sound bad enough...Lie...Lie...Lie....Lie......

    The only thing about him that was ever professional was the first couple of times you met'.

    There are many creative ways to get him out if you also live there....... Michael -

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    Default Re: How to Evict a Rommate/Tenant "Squatter" in Orlando, Florida

    Thank you, Michael! And yes, I do also live here. All of your suggestions are very helpful and any more that either you or anyone else can add would be appreciated, as well. The more angles, the better! Thank you again.

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    Default Re: How to Evict a Rommate/Tenant "Squatter" in Orlando, Florida

    Michael, That's some pretty f'in devious and dishonest ways to evict someone. I can understand wanting someone out. But that opens you up to a world of retribution and liability. What happened to the honest landlords and tenants? I am relatively unfamiliar with rental laws here but if someone is skating on $200 don't think he wont "trip and fall" on the way out, file a harassment suit, etc. The advice to lie, lie, lie is deplorable..should a tenant whom rents to you start off like that?

    Brainmeister, have much more to lose than the tenant...if you make a mistake..he will come for your bread and butter. $400 is not worth the risk...

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    Default Re: How to Evict a Rommate/Tenant "Squatter" in Orlando, Florida

    I recently had a similar experience. From the outset, note any info that may be useful like licence plates, addresses, Facebook accounts, photos of drug paraphernelia. The law here definitely favors deadbeats and needs to be improved.

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    Default Re: How to Evict a Rommate/Tenant "Squatter" in Orlando, Florida

    There's nothing dishonest or devious. It's encouraging a delinquent rent tenant to leave voluntarily. $200 cash is more than he'd get if he were "properly" evicted.

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