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    Default Ticket After a Traffic Accident

    My question involves an accident that occurred in the state of: CT


    I was in a traffic accident involving two other vehicles.

    I passed a slower vehicle on the right and merged back into the left lane, all whilst using proper signaling.
    The vehicle I passed swerved right into another vehicle who then hit me, so we all were in a traffic accident.

    After the police arrived, the driver that swerved (causing the accident) accused me of causing her to swerve.
    Another random driver stopped and told the police that I caused the accident as well (this "witness" also hugged, etc. the driver who swerved).

    As a result, I was issued a citation for "Unsafe lane change". The fine is for $132.

    For this ticket I have two options:
    1) "I choose to pay the amount due." In the description that succeeds after this plea, it lists this is basically a nolo contendre plea.
    2) "I choose to plead not guilty." If I plea this I will notified of a court date.

    I don't really care much for the fine since it would cost me more to drive to any said court than paying the ticket.

    My concern is if I just pay the ticket does that make me at fault for the accident which in my opinion I am not at fault for?
    Furthermore would it cause my insurance rates to increase, again I do not believe I am at fault plus I would think "unsafe lane change" means "unsafe driver" AKA insurance rates go up.

    Normally for a speeding ticket, this would be simple (I pay the ticket and that's it). I am from out-of-state and my state does not accept out-of-state moving violations (except for DUIs), so I don't think this affects my driving records.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Ticket After a Traffic Accident

    If you did not cut the car off, when moving back to the left, why would they swerve to the right? Just because you signaled, does not mean you did not cut them off.

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    Default Re: Ticket After a Traffic Accident

    Well, in CT the DA has to decide to prosecute if you plead not guilty.

    Also in CT, you can request the ticket be replaced by an information (see CT practice rules 36-11 --- traffic tickets are adjudicated by the criminal procedure in CT) -- its likely they may drop it right this before you plead guilty or not guilty .. call or fax the infraction bureau and let them know you have made a 36-11 request and cannot plead until its received.

    If they actually send you an information then plead not guilty and go to court ... if you lose, you can request a de novo hearing w/i 5 days at the traffic clerk's office (most folks just go from the court room to the clerks office).

    If the officer was not there and you said nothing to incriminate yourself, they'll have a hard time proving anything.

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    Default Re: Ticket After a Traffic Accident

    The State of Connecticut has a "Keep Right" law, meaning that you need to keep right and pass left. You passed on the right, hence the traffic citation.

    The other party's mother could have stopped and been a witness for there son/daughter, it's up to a judge to decide credibility of the character.
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    Default Re: Ticket After a Traffic Accident

    I need more information. How many lanes were there in the direction you were traveling? If you were passing on the right, you passed the slower vehicle, merged left back into the previous lane of travel in front of the slower vehicle, how did their swerving into a car on their right cause you to be hit as well? If possible, walk me through the entire accident. Did you report it to your insurance yet? What did they determine about the fault?

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