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    Default How to Become Emancipated in Kentucky

    I am 17 years old, and do not have a stable home. My mother constantly calls my boyfriend's house, saying that I do not have her permission to stay there, and that we are breaking the law b/c I am still a minor. She threatens to call the cops a lot. I can not stay at my mother's house, it is completely too stressful for me. I cry all the time b/c of the things my brothers and mother say to me, I cut myself often with a knife on my arms or stomach (I still have scars). My mother constantly calls me fat, and says that I do not appreciate anything she does, that I never do anything. She is constantly giving favoritism to by little brother.

    I know, that mostly, my mother wants me to watch my little brother and clean her house (even though she doesn't have a full time job). She says that everyone talks about me (she has made my life/choices with my boyfriend public to all who would listen so that they would be on her side), and that I make myself look like a whore, even though she sleeps with any man that she sees for a month of so. She constantly switches boyfriends, and they all have bad qualities (one was a pot head).

    My older brother constantly cusses at me when he sees me, regardless of how hurtful the things are. He also steals money from me. My little brother (who is 11) calls me a whore, saying that I sleep with a lot of different guys.

    My mother never gives me any support, either emotionally or financially. My grandmother and boyfriend are the ones who give me the money to buy things for myself (clothes, necessities, etc). I do not have a job, but plan on getting one, and know that I would have a place to live. I just wanted to know if it would be at all possible for me to be emancipated? Would I have a chance of getting out of her house?

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    Default Emancipation in Kentucky

    Kentucky has no emancipation law. That does not of itself mean that it might not be possible to convince a court to grant an order of emancipation under extraordinary circumstances or incidentally to lawful marriage, but it limits how much guidance we can provide about when and how such relief could be obtained. Kentucky Legal Aid writes,
    Quote Quoting When is a child emancipated in Kentucky?
    There are three ways by which a child may become emancipated:

    1. At the "age of majority", which is eighteen (18) in Kentucky, a child ordinarily becomes emancipated automatically. Some of these exceptions to this rule include:

    if a child is a full-time high school student when they turn 18, the parent is still responsible for their support until the child turns 19, and

    a handicapped child has the right to parental support until the child turns 21.

    2. A person under the age of 18 may become emancipated with the consent of the parent(s). A parent’s consent does not need to be declared or written down. It can be implied by the parent’s acting or failing to act to govern or support the child. A parent emancipates their minor child by consenting to the child’s marriage. Likewise, if a parent allows a child to move out and become self-supporting, the child is impliedly emancipated. However, an implied emancipation can be revoked if the parent later changes their mind. In doubtful situations, it is the parents’ wishes that determine whether an emancipation occurs or has occurred.

    3. A person under the age of 18 may become emancipated by court order.
    You may wish to attempt to receive assistance through a child protective agency, although you cannot expect such an agency to be supportive of your staying over at your boyfriend's. They may also be able to help you get appropriate psychological care in relation to your self-mutilation.

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