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    Default Signing Over Parental Rights

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: Tennessee

    If the biological father signs over his rights to my fiance is that legal?
    Also how do I do by getting this process started?

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    Default Re: Legal Rights

    If you and your fiance get married, you can all go through a stepparent adoption.

    You will need an attorney.

    Outside of that, nobody can sign anything over to anybody else.
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    Default Re: Signing Over Parental Rights

    A child is to a car. You don't "sign over your rights" to a third party. If your fiancÚ wants to adopt your child and the father agrees, you should explore the possibility of stepparent adoption. (Adopting before you marry would be considerably more costly and difficult, and might not even be approved, even if everybody agrees - if you want to try, consider having a local adoption lawyer review your case and advise you.)

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