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    Default Asked to Leave Home

    My question involves a marriage in the state of:va.

    My wife asked me to leave my home after a few arguements.I agreed to go stay with fAmily and try to
    What are my rights to go back home to a house we rent with both names on lease.there isn't any seperation draw up.

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    Were there any hostile actions involved or did you just argue one day, decide to leave and vacate? If there was a police or court action involved you may not just be able to go home. Otherwise, you likely can, since you are a lessee.

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    If this was simply your voluntarily moving out, no other issues or complications, it's still your home.

    But there's probably no faster way to get her to file for divorce and seek exclusive possession of the home than to move back if she's not ready to reconcile, so think carefully about your approach to the issue.

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