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    We have been renting from the Condo Association of our building for 2 years. Lease for 2010-2011 was signed with association, for back assessments, totaling $10,000.00-which was for the 3 units in our building owned by the previous owner, not just for the specific unit that we are renting. Lease 2011-2012 was signed in April 2011. The a new owner took possession of the unit in July, however, Condo Association has collected rent from us since the beginning of the current lease. We have received notices of eviction over the course of the year, however, Condo Association, and their lawyer, is still harrasing us stating that the lease is still valid-although the bank has stated it is not. We believe that we have been maliciously targeted for crimes of the owner, and also taken advantage of and harrassed by the association.

    Today, I have already been to court regarding the eviction, and was told by the Judge that "both leases -current year and past year-were void" and that I should seek help to get my $$ back. We were only given a month to vacate the unit. Need help NOW!!

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    When the judge told you to seek help in getting your money back, he meant that you should consult local counsel. That's what you need to do - the amount you're likely owed will be well out of bounds for small claims court.

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