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    Default 100% Commission Payout Policy

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Arizona and Hawaii
    I recently resigned Dec 31st, 2011 from a 100% Commission job selling Audio Visual equipment to Schools. My position was outside sales and my territory was Hawaii. The employer's HQ is based out of Arizona. My unpaid commissions are a little over $12,000. I sent an email to HR inquiring how the remainder of my commissions would be paid being I no longer had direct deposit after my resignation. HR's response: "You will continue to receive commissions on paid invoices for 30 days after termination. Unfortunately, if the invoices are not paid within the 30 days after termination, you will not be paid those commissions." I would like to point out I was not terminated as I resigned. Can my former employer keep my commission 30 days after my date of resignation if invoices are not paid by customers? I would also like to point out my customers were government facilities and they always pay their invoices.

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    "Termination" means you no longer work there. Since you resigned, it's a voluntary termination. Termination is not a synonym for fired.

    If your customers all pay their invoices then you have nothing to worry about.

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