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    Default Can I Get an Arrest Removed from My Record if There's No Conviction

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: California

    I was arrested 2007, hired a criminal attorney, plead not guilty (because I wasn't), DA filed charges, Judge recommended to the DA to dismiss the case.

    Will the arrest show on an employment background check? If so, how will it read? (I.e., Arrested, charges dismissed??)

    The Case was dismissed by the Judge. The Judge told the DA the charges were ridiculous, and that he (DA) wouldn't win at trial.
    DA finally agreed and the charges were "dismissed."

    Is there anyway to get the arrest (removed or sealed) from my record?

    It cannot be expunged because I was never convicted.

    Can or will a potential employer hold an arrest against me even though I wasn't convicted of a crime?

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    Default Re: Can I Get an Arrest Removed from My Record if There's No Conviction

    Read this thread.

    California Labor Code 432.7 prohibits an employer from considering any arrest that did not lead to a conviction. Of course, nobody here can promise that if they learn of your record, they won't come up with a pretextual excuse not to hire you or simply not disclose their motivation.

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