thank you. i called the mediator with questions and read more on the whole process. i can see why lawyers dont want to take as the process can be drawn out very long before you finally get your day in court. i am waiting for the carrier;s reponse form and detailed information from their side of the story considering they never requested my medical records, never sent me to their dr and the whole form I got has to do with exchanging medical information in which i am the one that sent all the medical info to the 3rd party carrier and even a statement from my old supervisor that stepped down from her getting ill from the job but for other reasons. stated she witnessed the actions against me as bullying and confirmed my abilities and mental state when I first started to how it declined fast as the new supervisor was all over me and not treating me the same as my peers.
Anyways, thank you for you link and I have my notes for my tele conference that I can only hope they will give in as they know they were wrong in how my WC claim was handled and to avoid further legal action against them if they do force a trial they risk having the self insured status being taken away from them and not sure if this is even a possibility but to be penalized for the added distress they caused me with punitive damages but I think I already know the anwser is no to that and only can be done in a civil suit.
I am now filing my EEOC complaint next as I have done too much since March 2011 in documenting everything to just stop and give up when I have been illegally violated.