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    Exclamation How Long Can You Be Charged With Statutory Rape, Sex with a Minor

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: CA & WA

    My question is can charges of statutory sex with a minor be brought up 2 years after the incident even tho no charges against the person were ever filled and the minor now in question is 18?

    My idiot son made a great mistake 2 years and 3 months ago, he took a trip down to california where he meet up with his "girlfriend" at the time. He was 19 and she was 15. The girl was 2 weeks from turning 16 and my son was 5 months from turning 20. they ended up running away together so the police was called, she was filled under runaway because that is what she told the cops when she called her house the first time to inform the parents. they left for a total of 9 days during which time they drove up here to washington. The parents found out where she was and came for her the police showed up and demanded her while the father waited up the block. they took her and that was the end of it or so i though. The parents never press charges i, assuming being that they knew the we're bouts of my son. He never received any type of paper work or restraining order against him either by mail or served. that was 2 years ago but recently (yesterday) he received an email from the girl (now 18) saying that the father found out they had sex (which i dont know how they can prove after so long) and that he might send my kid of to jail. Can any one help!!!!

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    Default Re: Can Old Charges Be Brought Up Concerning Statutory Sex with a Minor

    She was below the age of consent AND they crossed state lines. Was your idiot son TRYING to get sent to jail?

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    Default Re: Can Old Charges Be Brought Up Concerning Statutory Sex with a Minor

    According to him (IT WAS LOVE). I understand all the things he did i am here to find out if its even possible for the parents to press charges now, being that its been 2 years, no charges were ever pressed right after the incident, nothing not even a restraining order. The girl in question is now 18 and she doesnt want anything to do with this issue anymore, but i am not sure if the parents have any legal chances of taking action towards

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    Default Re: Can Old Charges Be Brought Up Concerning Statutory Sex with a Minor

    Yes, the statute of limitations is reset by her turning 18. The potential charge time for the Mann Act, could be 10 to life.

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    Default Re: Can Old Charges Be Brought Up Concerning Statutory Sex with a Minor

    It depends on the statue of limitations and how much the police want to bother with the case. Then what can be proven,it sounds like they can get him for kidnapping or child endangerment or something even if the rape statutory case won't stick. They might not bother b.c a lot of time passed but I would bet the state still has time to file charges. If the state chooses to peruse it aggressively and the girls admits to sleeping with him then it get really dicey.

    I would tell your son to stop all contanct with the girl. If the police start asking question don't say anything and with out a lawyer being present. The cops at 1st might start asking him innocent sounding question to lead your son in to saying something. It won't hurt to speak to a lawyer,it could be nothing but these are some serious charges.

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