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    Unhappy Ticketed for Driving Without a Valid Drivers License

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Florida

    I received a ticket for driving without a drivers license in florida on 11/19/2011.

    I explained to the officer that my license was at home in my jacket and I forgot to grab it before I left. I provided the officer with an alternative form of identification and he had dispatch run my name. The officer claimed that dispatch was unable to locate my records so I was issued a ticket for operating a vehicle without a valid license.

    I went to court today 1/3/2012, I did not seek legal council under the assumption that presenting my valid license to the Judge would fix the matter and have the ticket discarded.

    The Judge did dismiss the case after I produced a valid license and the court document states adjudication withheld. I was left with 293$ in court fees.

    Does this sound right to you?

    I spoke with a lawyer at the Courthouse and he stated that I should request to vacate my plea and take this matter to Trial. I went back to the courtroom after the fact and requested to vacate the plea and the Judge ordered me to write him a letter requesting to vacate.

    What should I do? I do not want this to effect future job prospects and College applications.

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    Default Re: Ticketed for Driving Without a Valid Drivers License

    If you mean that you were told to go to court and try to work out a deal, and you instead went to court and entered a guilty plea, the outcome isn't even slightly surprising. When you enter a guilty plea you are convicted and fined.

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    Default Re: Ticketed for Driving Without a Valid Drivers License

    I did not voice a plea of any sort nor was I asked to.

    I approached the podium, the judge asked for my license in which I handed him my valid license that was issued in 2007. The judge then stated, "I will dismiss this for you" and I was on my way.

    I assumed that the charges were dropped completely until the clerk handed me a paper which read Adjudication withheld, dismissed, with a 293$ fee.

    I feel like I have been let down by the state of Florida. I work, go to College and make an honest living. I am not a criminal and this was my first time in court.

    What should I do from here on out? I was told by a law office to appeal the plea and request a new court date.

    I already wrote the Judge a letter requesting to vacate the plea citing that my license was in fact valid on the date of the traffic stop.

    I am going to order a drivers license history so if/when I go back to court I can present that as proof to the Judge.

    I appreciate any insight you guys could give me to help resolve this matter.

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