My question involves criminal records for the state of: Texas


I was convicted of two class A felony charges in 1991 involving possession of marijuana and psilocybin. A third indictment on another class A involving marijuana was not prosecuted as part of the plea. The third charge was egregious in that I received it while out on bond.

I completed my probation in the minimum of time at the recommendation of my probation officer. Since that time I have not accrued so much as a traffic ticket. I've also lost out on many job opportunities and my family has suffered right along with me.

Nearing 50, I'd like to return to school, but options are limited with these convictions. Is there any option outside of a pardon in Texas? It seems odd that Federal law trumps State, yet the only recourse for me seems to be at the state level. I don't hold hope of a presidential pardon any more than I do one from Governor Perry, who I don't believe has issued a pardon during any of his terms.

I did contact an attorney back in 1998, who admitted he didn't know much about the process. He asked for some time to research the matter and got back to me saying that it appeared that I would need a pardon. He advised contacting an attorney who worked at the capitol and mentioned a process prior which involved showing a need for a firearm, or having someone prominent in the community to speak on my behalf. The details are all a bit foggy now, but I am friends with politicians, business owners and even an attorney who works for the State Bar. None of them are aware of my past, but I suspect would be willing to speak for my character.

I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this. I don't expect much, but my family is again encouraging me to pursue what options might be available to me. So, thank you.