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    Exclamation What Happens to Somebody's Possessions After They Pass Away

    Father passed away recently and found out about a week later. Called land lord and found out that my blood brother that my father and i never met took all valuable property from apartment along with my fathers car. I could really use some help and some advice. Does he have the right to take my fathers property without letting me know. I don't think my father had a will. but expressed that he wanted me to have his vehicle, on numerous occasions.
    What course of action should i do? Going up to view him tomorrow. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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    Default Re: My Father Passed Away. What Happens to Possessions

    You may need to talk to an attorney that deals with probates and estates. It doesn't sound right.

    You didn't mention if there was a will. Even if there wasn't a will, there are certain state laws that govern how estates are handled without a will.
    You can also check with the county courts to see if anything has been filed with the court.

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