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    Default How to Clear a Record of Aggravated Sexual Assault

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: texas. What does a person need to do if they have a AGG SEX A-V CH on their criminal record? The person is innocent. would the person need to shwo up to court and have a trial or go to jail or pay fines or what? and how much and for how long? ANY advice on what to do..

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    Default Re: Agg Sex a Record- How to Clear

    Aggravated sexual assault is a felony. If they are charged with this crime, they must go to court. If convicted, there is no provision, short of a pardon, that will remove that from his record. Jail is a strong possibility if convicted. If not yet convicted, they need a lawyer.

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    Default Re: How to Clear a Record of Aggravated Sexual Assault

    As is explained in hundreds of threads in this forum, if he is convicted of the charge he must get a pardon before he is eligible for expungement (and sorry, if he's convicted of sexually abusing a child, snowballs have better odds in hades). If he gets a deferral and his plea bargain is not to a charge that disqualifies him from having his record sealed, he could potentially have his record sealed once he successfully completes his deferral and waits out the statutory waiting period.

    If you're asking about somebody who has recently been charged, obviously that person needs to be working with a lawyer. You are describing a very serious charge that can result in prison time. If he's charged with a first degree felony, as appears to be the case, if convicted as charged he's looking at a five year minimum and a potential life sentence.

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    Default Re: How to Clear a Record of Aggravated Sexual Assault

    Even a state with lax expungment or sealing laws isn't gonna seal such a serious crime,especially sexually nor should they,imo. If he is innocent he needs to work with a lawyer.

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