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    Default Will a Parole Officer Contact Employer About Approved Business Travel

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California
    Currently on parole in California and have been working to rebuild my life and my career. I am a model parolee according to my officer, clean U.A.'s, working, no new arrests, attending all required programs etc. I have an excellent job opportunity that would require me to travel out of state for 6-7 days. I presented a plan to my supervising officer and she approved it. I am extremely embarrassed about my past mistake and the resulting parole that I must serve. I accept it, but am not to excited about announcing it to others. Therefore many of my business associates, namely the ones I will be staying with and working with on this upcoming trip do not know of my history or current situation. My question is this, will my parole officer be calling the businesses and shared hotel rooms that I will be at in order to get into contact with me throughout my trip? If one of my associates gets a call from a parole officer that is looking for me I fear that it will negatively impact my business relationships and may even jeopardize the contract that we were awarded and will be working on jointly. What should I expect? If there is a possibility for this kind of detective work, I am hesitant to even put myself in the position. Or does approval me that she is comfortable with me leaving, trusts my choices and current progress through parole. She did say that she would drug test me on the day I get back, which is perfectly understandable. Any input, advice or past experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: On Parole with Permission to Travel, but

    No one can say what your parole officer WILL do. It is almost certain that SOMEONE from the company or organization will be called periodically to verify employment and performance. If your employer does not already know about your parole status, you might consider telling them. If this is a one time deal which requires only 6-7 days of travel one time only, then the odds are diminished that they might have to call and verify much.

    You can also talk with your parole officer about her plans with regards to communicating to your employer. If she can verify your employment and activity through some other means, she may not have to speak to your employer.

    Ultimately, what she will do is anyone's guess.

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