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    Question Can I Get Emancipated in Nebraska

    Hello i am 15 years old almost 16 . I am 4 months pregnant and i want to get emancipated so i can live on my own . My mother will not let me leave and doesnt want to support mevor my baby. She doesnt want to be financially responsible for me. And she ont let me leave because she responsible for me can someone please help me.???

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    Default Re: Can I Get Emancipated in Nebraska

    Your mother can't have it both ways. Can you move in with your father? What state are you in?

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    It's not going to happen. Nebraska doesn't have an emancipation statue and the courts are not going to authorize it in this situation. They only emancipate those who are already living independently outside the home allowing them to enter into contracts. They will not authorize someone with no support to run out and live on their own contrary to their parental consent. If there is an issue with abuse or support of you or your child, alternative placement (foster care) NOT letting you run around on your own is the answer.

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    Agree. Any possibility of emancipation the minute you got pregnant with a child you can't support. The people who should be supporting your baby are the people who thought they were grown up enough to MAKE a baby - being you and the father. The baby, legally, isn't your mother's problem to deal with, financially or otherwise. She's only responible for YOU. However, given that the age of consent in your state is 17, it's possible that the father could be facing criminal charges for statutory rape, so you really need to be sitting down with someone outside the situation, like a counselor at school, and working on a plan of action to answer questions like what medical care should you be getting, when, where, and how will you get it, will you keep the baby or put it up for adoption, etc.

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