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    Smile Can Warrants Expire

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: Canada

    I'm now assuming this site is not for Canada?? But I'm going to post anyways in hopes some one may be able to help me out

    I am wanting to know if in Canada, Ontario, will warrants ever expire? I seen a thread in which this question was answered but I do not believe it was for my country... Please help! thnx.

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    Default Re: Can Warrants Expire

    The fact that you were told when you posted that this site addresses only U.S. questions, yes, would have been a big hint that this site is not for Canada.

    In most states warrants don't expire; in some they may be made inactive or withdrawn by a prosecutor after a certain number of years - but that doesn't mean you can't be charged with the crime if the law catches up with you.

    Canada? That's a whole 'nother country. I suggest checking with a Canadian lawyer or legal resource.

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