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    Default How to Sue the DSS for Slander After a False Abuse Allegation

    My question involves defamation in the state of: North Carolina. I served for 2 years as a foster parent. I have been falsely accused of sexual abuse of 2 girls under the age of 10. There is no evidence other than a psychologists report that indicates that she can't say whether it did or did not happen. I also took and passed a lie detector test that was requested by DSS prior to my having hired a lawyer. I am innocent and all of the documentation that DSS has points toward my innocence. I will win this case and my name will be cleared and not listed on the responsible individuals list.

    My question is, then what. I will have spent over 60k defending myself against false claims made by 2 previously abused children. That doesn't seem like justice to me. Can I sue the agency for mishandling this case and thus causing all this turmoil in my life? There's no point in my suing the family, they have no money to begin with, crack heads. I have got to be able to go after someone. Foster parents can't just sit back and be thrown under the bus by the agency that licensed them to begin with.

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    Default Re: How to Sue the DSS for Slander After a False Abuse Allegation

    You cannot successfully sue the DSS for investigating charges of sexual abuse made by minors. Obviously they cannot know if charges are valid unless and until they investigate.

    Even if you could identify some manner in which the DSS "mismanaged" the case, and you have not given us any facts to support that suggestion, odds are that they would be protected by governmental immunity.

    I would have to assume that a good chunk of the $60K you're talking about went to lawyers, so it would be sensible to have one of the lawyers who is intimately familiar with this case advise you about any potential civil action.

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