My question involves injury or loss that occurred in the state of: Texas

Here is my situation...I tripped over some boxes at my storage facililty (Extras Space Storage) and I got hurt really bad, but I did not got to the hospital or doctors. I was bruised and scrapped up, along with a srained ankle. I rested away from work for 1 week after which I went back to work. I lost a week's worth of work!

Second case, my storage started leaking from the roof (from the rains). I contact the Extra Space Company about both siutations and they turned the matter over to the corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT; who then referred the matter over to their insurance, which denied my claim.

I have not been given another storage while my current one is getting rain in it (I have a bucket to catch the water). I want to take the matter to small claims to sue for 1 weeks of loss wadges, along with the storage unit price I have been paying. The signage of the company is "Extra Space Storage" but the ficitcious business name is "Extra Space Management, Inc." and their headquarters are located in Salt Lake City under the name of "Extra Space Storage, Inc."

How the heck do I file this claim? Can I file the defendant as "Extra Space Storage, Inc. doing business as Extra Space Storage?" Do I serve the defendants in Salt Lake City, UT?

I need help on this one.