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    Post Injury at Store While Running Away from Robbers

    My question involves injury or loss that occurred in the state of: TN
    While shooping at the store, a person that was stealing was shot and killed by the police , the store employees lead us to believe that their was another gunman in the store. While trying to run out the store I injured my ankle and knee because they had tire blocking the back door. Should I wait on their insurance company to contact me or should I contact a lawyer?

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    I would contact a lawyer and see if he would take the case, if he wants you to pay on an hourly basis, then don't sign anything and wait for the stores insurance company to contact you.
    I'm not a lawyer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.......

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    Default Re: Injury at Store

    I would wait on the insurance company to tell you that you ran out of an employee only door, by your own choice and were injured in an area customers were not permitted to be. When you hire the lawyer, he will charge you by the hour.

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