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    Default Prescribed Wrong Meds

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: prescribed wrong meds my mother suffers from depression anxiety and post trumatic stress disorder for her ptsd she takes 300mg quietipine nightly i went to get her repeat priscription and mum started taking her meds as normal after about 3-4 days my mum went down hill very quick having flashbacks night terrors and self harming she carried on taking them foe another 4 days when we checked and my poor mother was taking QUININE 300MG for malaryia she is now back on her proper meds but its taking its time to get her on track again i was wondering if i could sue!! poor mum any feedback would be great thanks

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    No, you cannot sue.

    Assuming that you are in the US, IF your mother suffers any permanent damage that can be definitely linked to this, then SHE can sue. But YOU cannot sue at all, and SHE can only sue if she has long-lasting, continued damages. That means considerably more than just taking time to get back on track.

    She (or you) bear a certain amount of responsibility here too - are you saying that neither you nor she checked to see that you received the right prescription?

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    Default Re: Prescribed Wrong Meds

    You should always check to be sure you get the correct prescription from the pharmacy.

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    Default Re: Prescribed Wrong Meds

    Was she prescribed the wrong medication or was it filled wrong? What is written on the hard copy of the medication?

    PS: As stated above...YOU cannot sue.

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