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    Default Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Inheritance

    I filed Chp 13 August 29th 2005 after moving to TN and making 1/3 of what I was making in NJ. We weren't able to pay all of our bills and it hit us fast. I thought we had no other choice. After filing, I find myself even more broke than before. To have to file for motions to pay vet bills, unexpected medical bills and so on is a huge pain, not to mention humiliating. The bankruptcy judge seems to do whatever he chooses withour rhyme nor reason.
    My dad passed away Feb 16 2006 and I am going to be coming into some monies as a result. The money isn't enough to pay off my total due but I hate to see it just vanish as I am being told it would. In Jan 06 my Jeep was totalled and as a result it was paid off. I was told I still owe 30,000 base and was told that even though the Jeep total paid was 20,000, I still owe a base of 30,000 because I have to pay for a minimum of 3 years. I am confused and as I said before I don't want this 13,000 or so from my Dad to just disappear. I am thinking of withdrawing my bankruptcy and using the money to pay off the debtors on my own. Any suggestions?
    Thanxs in advance.

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    Default Re: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Inheritance

    Talk to a bankruptcy lawyer about the possibility of converting to Chapter 7.

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