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    Default False Eviction on My Credit Report

    I recently applied for an apartment and I was denied because there was an eviction on my credit report. The eviction is falsely placed on my record. About three years ago my previous landlord tried to evict me from the apartment and had court eviction because I had not paid my rent. However, I had paid my rent and was able to prove it to my landlord and then they decided to dismiss the eviction. Now, can I file a lawsuit against my previous landlord for causing a false eviction to be placed on my credit report?

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    Default Re: False Eviction on My Credit Report

    Exactly what is on your credit report? If they're showing the abstract of a judgment of eviction issued by the court, you should investigate with the court to find out if there is in face a judgment of eviction in the court file. If not you can dispute the entry with the CRA and they should correct the error. If they're simply abstracting a public record, that has nothing to do with your ex-landlord.

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    Default Re: False Eviction on My Credit Report

    Evictions don't usually show up on a consumer credit report. They probably are doing a full scope background check which includes searching public records for eviction filings. You need to determine if it is showing up as an eviction filing or a completed eviction with a final judgment from the court. The difference can be compared to criminal records. If you were charged with a crime, but not convicted, or the prosecution dropped the case, the record still reflects that you were charged with the crime but not convicted. Even if your prior landlord dismissed the eviction action, there will still normally be a record that you had eviction filed against you.

    All landlords are different, but some will deny you simply on an eviction filing being on your record, even if it was eventually dismissed. Some only hold it against you if the eviction was completed and you have a final judgment against you. If there is a final judgment and you believe it is incorrect, you should contact the clerk of the court in the county the eviction was filed in to inquire as to how you go about objecting its validity. You could also get an attorney involved.

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