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    Default Charging Rent to an Adult Child on SSI

    My son has been disabled since birth and when he turned 18 he was found eligible for SSI. My wife and I are his legal guardians for all matters (legal,medical, financial, etc.) and I am the payee for his SSI checks.

    When he was approved the local SSI worker told me that he would receive one amount immediately (something around $500) and that if we began charging him rent and gave the SS office evidence of this rent, then his monthly SSI payment would increase to something a little over $700.

    I went on the internet and looked for some information on how much to charge for room and board and I found that many people were asking questions about rent as it related to "ISM" -- In-kind Support and Maintenance. Reading some of these posts it looks like charging him too LITTLE rent could result in a penalty of some kind. ????

    So I'm here hoping someone can give me some guidance on how much rent to charge and how that will effect his SSI payments. Is the rule (law) that if we charge him any rent at all (e.g. $1/month) then his extra benefits kick in? Or does the rent have to be above some threshold in order to this additional benefit to kick in?

    Thanks in advance for any help people here can offer. (Are there any websites for this kind of information? I couldn't find any.)


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    Default Re: Charging Rent to an Adult Child on SSI

    You need to charge the market value of the room - the amount you would rent it out to a stranger if you decided to do that.

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    Default Re: Charging Rent to an Adult Child on SSI

    You also need to report the money as income and pay taxes on it. You are now a landlord if you do so.

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