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    Default Time Clock Rounding

    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: Michigan

    It's my understanding that in the state of Michigan, time clocks and compensation must be to the nearest 1/10 hour. I work at a factory where are time clocks are on the computer. We are asked to punch in when we walk into the building, (which for me is almost always at 1:40pm. (My hours are 2-10pm). Then at our start time, 2pm, we are asked to punchinto the job we are performing, which I do. When you are done for the day, I punch out of my job at 10:10pm and punch out of the building at 10:12 pm. yet, based on those times, they are only paying me for 8 hours. I thought employers had to round to the nearest tenth, and couldn't round back if the employee was working. And if I punch in at 1:40 am I supposed to be paid for being there even though I am not punched into a job?

    Thanks to any answers on either questions in advance.

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    Default Re: Time Clock Rounding

    To start with, your employer is NOT required under either state or Federal law to pay on all the hours that are clocked in. They are required to pay you for time WORKED. What are you doing between 1:40 and 2:00? And are they requiring that you be there at 1:40? It makes a difference to the answer - both questions do.

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    Default Re: Time Clock Rounding

    And if I punch in at 1:40 am I supposed to be paid for being there even though I am not punched into a job? Not unless you're working for those twenty minutes. Hanging up your coat, putting your lunch away, chatting with co-workers and getting a cup of coffee prior to the start of work time is not compensible.

    As cbg said though, if you're required to be at work at 1:40, then that's a different matter. If you're chosing to get to work 20 minutes early, then that's on you.

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