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    Default Unknowingly Cashed Bad Checks

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio

    A so called close friend of mine, asked me to do her a favor and cash to checks for her written out to me from a close relative's boyfriend because she had a lot of personal problems going on and she was trying to go to school and better herself and her child. Anyway, I do it because I trusted her and cashed two checks totalling $4,000. She told me I could borrow $1500 which was fine because I was expecting a refund check from the IRS in that amount soon, which I paid bills and rent with over the next few days with my debit card. So 5 days later the checks come back returned because of unauthorized signatures and she gave me the run around about contacting the man who supposedly wrote the checks and I was unable to reach her for a few days so I turned the situation over to the police. Two weeks later I get a call from the detective, who asked me to write him a statement to send to the prosecutor in regards to passing bad checks and theft by deception. She's been calling, harrassing and popping up at my job as well because I went to the police. She even tried to say that her mother was going to press charges on US over a check her mother supposedly wrote me over the summer that bounced, claiming we stole money from her, and asking to see my bank statements, which to me is basically trying to tie me into her situation. A few days later I ended up finding out that she was in trouble in another city for theft by deception and passing bad checks to another person as well, including forgery, which she just got put in diversion for 2 weeks ago. I'm sure this is what's going on in my case also. I've even spoken to a prosecutor, and she told me my case was on hold, but I haven't heard from her or the detective about ANYTHING else on this case. I'm beyond stressed out, depressed, tired, and frustrated with the whole situation, and I honestly don't know what to think or do, so I came to the site to see if anyone could offer some advice on my situation. Thank you

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    Default Re: Unknowingly Cashed Bad Checks

    Not sure what to tell you. If you have been in contact with the prosecutor, that is about all you can do on the criminal issue. You should ask if there is a possibility of asking for restitution through the criminal action.

    Other than that, you can sue your friend but given her situation, I wouldn't be expecting her to pay any judgment awarded.

    as to your money issue: you need to make good on the payments. If you don't have the money, you need to either deal with the creditors to make arrangements to settle the debts or borrow money from somewhere to pay the debts.

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    Default Re: Unknowingly Cashed Bad Checks

    Why did you separate this thread, from the one you are trying to include it into a bankruptcy in?

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    Default Re: Unknowingly Cashed Bad Checks

    I don't know why you are talking to the DA or police ... they may charge you with something. Stop calling them. Get ready for a possible charge by getting an attny to be "at the ready".

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