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    Default Parents of Half-Sister Live Out of the Country

    My mother and stepfather live in Pavones, Costa Rica. I have two half-siblings from their marriage. My mother and stepfather are separating (maybe for good) and both agree to sending my two half-siblings to live with me and attend school here in Florida, USA. However, for me to get them registered in school here I would need to be the "legal guardian". What would be the best way to go about this with both of their parents living out of the country? Would Florida accept a guardianship form from Costa Rica? I've seen the temporary guardianship form for the State of Florida, but at the bottom where the parents would sign it looks like it has to be notarized IN Florida, which would not be an option.

    Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Looking to fly them here and have them start school as soon as possible.


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    Default Re: Parents of Half-Sister Live Out of the Country

    To come to the U.S. to attend school, they will need visas. For foreign students attending on visas you should anticipate that the public school may charge tuition even if you have a guardianship; inquire with the school district to determine its policies. You can also inquire with the school district as to whether it will accept a (presumably certified translation) of a Costa Rican order of guardianship; you're not going to get a Florida court to award guardianship over children who aren't within its jurisdiction.

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    Default Re: Parents of Half-Sister Live Out of the Country

    Are your half-siblings USA Citizens?

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