My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: New York

I know I'm going to catch from heat for what I'm about to express on here, but i guess you can say I've learned my lesson.

I had a friend that I authorized her to use my Macy's credit card. She is solely responsible for about $3000 worth of credit card debt across two Macy's credit cards. As of today she has not been making payments, I would like to pursue a civil action law suit against her. Currently I have all previous credit card statements, a few pictures of text messages received from her stating that she will pay the bill as soon as possible (this was stated in May of 2010). I have never been to court before and I would like to know what additional proof I would need to make this case win in my favor. Macy’s is currently threatened to sue me and garnish my paycheck for the balance that is due.

I have tried contacting her on her cell phone, which at times she doesn’t pick up or return my text messages acknowledging the fact that she has received the information about the bill due date. I have also tried to contact her at her work place. I must be careful and not call to many times because we both work for the same company (different locations) and I am in fear that I will lose my job over a false harassment charge (it hasn’t happened) just trying to collect a debt.