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    Default Three year old car accident, plaintiff threatening to sue

    in oct. 2003, i was involved in a car accident with a semi. after the accident i stood at fault for "failure to use due care". i suffered minor injuries but the driver of the semi claims to have suffered chronic injuries and has been in and out of a doctor's office since. for 3 years i received letters from my insurance company updating me on the lawsuit filed against them showing how much the plaintiff was suing for and what my insurance was willing to settle for. basically the plaintiff was requesting the maximum of my liability amt. 100k, but my insurance only wanted to pay for all his medical bills, and doctor's visits which total around 40k. from what i read, his injuries were similar to someone who had chronic back problems. now it seems that he plans on suing me for the accident. i've since moved out of my parents house and live with my new fiance. just the other day my parents told me that a woman dressed professionally came by the house and spoke to them about how i had to take responsibility for the accident. my parents don't speak english very well and weren't able to tell me everything she spoke to them about. today she called the house wishing to speak to me but of course i wasn't there. she left no number to contact her by.

    my question is, what should i do?!? i'm 25 starting a new life with 80k in student loans and a new townhouse!!! how much could he possibly get from a guy making less than 35k a year!!! should i get a lawyer? should i get in contact with my ins. co.? should i speak to the woman looking for me? i need professional advice!!!

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    Default Re: 3yr. old car accident, plaintiff threatening to sue me!!

    is your insurance company representing you in the suit ? if so, query them for the status of the case.

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