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    Default Inheriting Land While Collecting SSI

    I am on SSI. My mother is 87, when she passes away I will inherit wheat land. The wheat land makes a profit every year.. I will be co- owners of the land with 5 other people... I believe the profits for me would equal at times $5000 a year.. At other times much less..


    1. Will the government take away my share of the land if Im on SSI

    2. If the Government lets me keep the land.. Can I receive any of the prophets from the land every year and receive full SSI.

    3. If I can keep the land, what if the laws change in the future.. Will I be given time to make new decisions about the land or will the Government come in and take the land.. If the laws change, am I entitled to a grace period to make decisions to protect my SSI..

    4. Will my SSI effect all of the land owners if their is a problem because of my SSI.. Can their land be taken away.?

    What are possible solutions ?

    Would it be better to give up the land..? Not take the land as inheritance..


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    Default Re: Inheriting Land While on Ssi. Will the Land Be Taken Away

    1. No
    2. No. The profit will affect SSI benefits whenever they are paid. The value of the land may or may not be considered a resource, depending upon how it is titled. Probably won't be a resource, but it could be.
    3. Can't tell you anything about future regulations.
    4. No and no.

    Other solutions? If keeping SSI is your goal, ask your mother to not include you as an heir to the land in the will. But in doing so, you would be giving up your rights to future increase in the value so you should be sure that you won't second guess your decision.

    Another choice would be for your mother to hire a lawyer who specializes in Medicaid trusts and see if there is some sort of special needs trust that would be administered by someone else on your behalf. Be aware that this area of law is very specialized and would need to be set up exactly right. The special needs would not be your food, clothing or shelter.

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