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    Default Tenant Harassing Me for Security Deposit

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: CA

    What is the name of your state - California


    My tenant just moved out today. During her final move-out inspection there was some damage that she agreed happen while she lived there. However, she insisted for about 20 min that she wanted me to "ballpark" the repair costs and return the remaining security deposit on the spot. When I hold her that I had 21 days to asses the damage, get quotes and have the repairs made she flipped out! As I said, we went round and round for about 20 min. She claimed that she had already received several quote for the damage that that it shouldn't be more than $200. I asked her to forward me he quotes and she tried to get me agree that once I spoke to the handymen and had a estimate that I could then return her security deposit in 48 hours. I didn't agree to that. We finished the walk-out and she stormed out the door. Since we left we have reached out to several repair services to obtain quotes and mostly left massages since it's Sunday. She has also sent about 5-7 text messages with quotes, but we haven't been able to actually speak with most of them. She just now sent a text asking us to meet her ASAP with a check. She says that she has no money to pay her movers and eat. I'm at my wits end. By law I have 21 days to return her security deposit. It seems foolish on my part to return ANY money until after the repairs are done. In my experience a quote is just an estimate and it always ends up being more.

    Any advice is much appreciate!


    I forgot to mention that my husband wants to give back all by $500 just to appease her and then refund the difference once the work is done. I don't agree, since it's not what our contract stipulates. I'm not a fan of "bending the rules". I don't feel it's usually beneficial, but would love your input.

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    Default Re: Tenant Harassing Me for Security Deposit

    She says that she has no money to pay her movers and eat.
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but that's HER problem, not yours.

    Tell her to stop contacting you, then block her phone number through your cell carrier. The law is on your side, as long as you send her what remains of her deposit and a full accounting of the repairs within the mandated 21 day period.
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    Default Re: Tenant Harassing Me for Security Deposit

    Thank you LawResearcherMissy for responding so quickly. I totally agree with you. She shouldn't have over extending herself! I absolutely plan on returning the remaining security deposit with receipts and detail description of the work done.

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